Vacation in North Carolina
June 2000


Our June vacation was spent with the rest

of the Niells and the Eguia family on the

Outer Banks of North Carolina.


All thirteen of us rented a beach house

for the week, which was fortunately large

enough to accommodate all of us pretty comfortably.


It also had a hot tub.  That may not have

been large enough to accommodate all

of us comfortably, but, as you can see, we did not mind.


It was a full week: good eating, sunbathing,

swimming (fortunately NOT with sharks), tick bites,

and, best of all, sweet relaxation.



And for those of you interested in the

final tally, the results are as follows:

 6 Josés

 8 Marias

 1 Cecilia and 1 Heidi


The Marias won.